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Grade Descriptions

IELI 2440, IELI 2330, IELI 1230-002, IELI 1230-001             Speaking
IELI 2410, IELI 2310, IELI 1240-002, IELI 1240-001             Listening
IELI 2420, IELI 2320, IELI 1220, IELI 1120                            Writing
IELI 2460, IELI 2360, IELI 1260, IELI 1160                            Reading
IELI 2470, IELI 2450-003, IELI 2450-002, IELI 2450-001      Topics


Student Handbook 

The handbook will help answer many questions you may have, but it does not cover everything.  If you have a question which the handbook does not answer, please ask IELI staff or faculty to help you.  You can also consult the Utah State University General Catalog found online at to answer questions for you.