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 Curriculum: Statement of Philosophy

Grounded Curriculum

Knowledge is socially constructed. The role of faculty is to facilitate students' construction of knowledge of language and its use. The role of the curriculum is to guide this construction by providing tasks and opportunities relevant to students' academic goals that will allow them to continually test and verify their knowledge.

We take a holistic, integrative view that recognizes the interplay of viewpoints often labeled as cognitive, humanistic, and sociocultural.

We aim for a curriculum focused on learning and believe that all members of a classroom community learn from one another.

We strive for an open, supportive learning environment where students can explore individual interests, learn to make decisions, negotiate issues and take responsibility for their own learning.


Broad Faculty Ownership

We value the contributions of a professionally active faculty, and seek to integrate the multiple perspectives and collective expertise of the faculty through regular curriculum discussion.


A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Having an informed cross-cultural perspective will help our students interact with IELI classmates from diverse cultures, and all members of the university community.


Meeting Students' Needs

Students are more than language learners; they are people with preferences and individual goals.

Students at all levels of language proficiency can engage in scholarship, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Learners' abilities develop differentially in the various language skills. Therefore, in administering the curriculum we want students to be able to progress through the lELI program according to their individual needs and performances.

We can serve students well by helping them become independent, autonomous learners capable of functioning on their own in a university environment.

Therefore, we value materials and tasks oriented toward university success, and recognize that such success requires knowledge of the American university culture and academic genres as well as linguistic competence.ctive credit towards graduation.